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I bowed to Satan and my life turned to hell
Devil. Demons. Devils

It so happened that I worked as a security guard in Moscow in three days. My boss asks me: “you don’t get sick by chance, because I had all the shifts, I say no, I was sick only a month ago. And suddenly, sharply, after five minutes like a knife in my throat, it’s not possible to swallow, the temperature has risen, I served, I went home and thought: “I treat vodka with honey,” I issued a sick leave at the polyclinic, and he was treated not only with medicines, but also with vodka. I called my boss that I wouldn’t come and put people on the post. Mother says: “don’t have to go, there is Satan, "and I was of the same opinion why I got so sharply ill, I said to myself:" I won’t go, I don’t I’m going. ”And suddenly, as someone said to me:“ You don’t need to set people up, go. ”I called that I was going to have few people in our guard. He was treated for 10 days. He went sick, with a fever, did not sleep for two days. And Before the trip, in my head, a thought flashed - someone instills in you, I did not attach any importance to this, and this is the Guardian Angel said.

He arrived at the service, the first day again could not fall asleep (slept for 4 hours). On the second, it turns out I haven’t slept for three days, auditory and visual hallucinations began. I was nervous at the service and began to imagine that I would hang myself this hour, entertaining myself (I’m alone at a post, in the underground parking lot) and began to imagine sexual games, and became so excited that my head was spinning, the floor began to wriggle in waves, the cars began to bright colors, in life you will not see this and the smell of perfumes and flowers. And suddenly a sharp horror fell on me, and behind someone said: “BU”, I was seriously scared. I went to bed, and next sighs and gasps, ran away to the central post, said that I could not stand the shift yet. On the central were together, but only I saw them, as evaporation and heard, a girl and a guy. In the morning, I had to go to my post alone, and there was a man’s voice: "This goat needs to cut his neck." These are they about me. With the older shifts we ran up the serpentine - nobody.

I was sent home. And they are with me on the bus, they are not visible, and the conversation is distinct. I got out of the bus before reaching the city 20 km., Because they wanted to go to my house, or that I would commit suicide. It’s a long time to explain how I ran away from them, wandered, deceived. As a result, they were at my place, there were seven of them. They always talked about money. One of them said that we had nothing to take from him - he was a car, a fighter (later found out that it was pride) and left. And I careless relaxed, like I don’t drink so much, I was engaged in the barbell. And then, as a demon entered me, I drink a month later a month, and constantly committed adultery. & nbsp;

Six months later they came again, but they didn’t leave, they watched horrors from a hangover, and there was such a roar over my head, I was terribly scared and shook all over, tried to read some kind of prayers - it doesn’t come out. So they penetrated our world, with their dirty thoughts and deeds, I drew their attention to my sinful soul. Now they are inside me, climbing, vibrating - adultery, sweets. Pride pricked in the heart, gluttony (drunkenness in the stomach), Laziness in the head does not get up early, and other sins, climb like snails on the head, and click everywhere. In a dream they say that I will like worms to rot and devour me from within, and the sound will be unbearable, creepy, very loud (for listening to pop music). Every day this knowledge depresses me, and moreover, I didn’t turn to To GOD. He did not go to church, but sinned without realizing it. & nbsp; Come to the Temple before it’s too late, so as not to get into such a horror.