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Teleportation and Levitation

Throughout history, on our planet, many phenomena have been recorded that are not yet understandable in a given period of time. For example, cases of levitation of objects and people have been recorded. There are such buildings as Coral Castle in Florida, Egyptian pyramids and much, much more.

But based on fundamental physics, with its laws and dogmas, it is not possible to explain the effect of levitation. (if, based on fundamental physics, this could be explained, it would most likely have been explained and proved long ago, millions of scientists all over the planet are working on this topic, with billions of dollars in funding, but unfortunately, they all rummage in one sandbox). I don’t think that something goes wrong in nature, most likely some of the laws that scientists have written are not entirely accurate. If the mass of any of the atoms is determined, then no levitation can be in the prince. Since any item consists of atoms. And this is the fundamental law of fundamental physics tab. Mendeleev. Physics, chemistry, biology, all these sciences rely on this table.

There is a dogma in physics - the whole mass of an atom is concentrated in the nucleus, the mass of electrons is so small that it is not taken into account. At the same time, there is a dogma - the mass of an atom, less than the mass of the nucleus of the same atom. This change in masses is attributed to - mass defect.

An example is the mass of the nucleus (abstract) 1 gram, the mass of electrons 0.00000000001 grams. The mass of the atom should be 1.00000000001 grams. But this does not happen the mass of the atom is 0.99999999999 gram (the so-called mass defect). Let me give an analogy - the mass of a helicopter without bearing blades is 1 ton, the mass of the bearing blades is 100 kilograms. Add up to 1,100 kilograms in place. That's right, BUT, when the blades rotate, the mass defect is obtained. What does this mass defect, can significantly change the pilot of the helicopter itself (by changing the angle of attack of the bearing blades, while the lifting force of the helicopter changes). As you know, the lifting force of not only the entire helicopter, but only the blades, is changing; the cabin itself also pulls down. In analogy with atoms, the nucleus does not change mass, electrons are able to change the plane of rotation, and the mass defect can increase significantly, this is the possibility of levitation. Of course, there is a huge difference between a helicopter and an atom, the helicopter blades rely on air molecules, electrons on electromagnetic fields. By this atom can be controlled from the outside, by changing the energy coefficient of the environment. And since any item consists of atoms, you can control almost everything. To the periodic table in which the mass of each atom is strictly defined, there should be a small but in my opinion significant addition, "when the coefficient of the energy of the environment changes, the mass of atoms changes."

Based on this addition, you can explain and get the levitation effect (not above the conductor in a magnetic field, but of any object above the surface of the earth). You can move any objects to any distances, without any vehicles, launch satellites into orbit without rocket inhabitants. On the basis of this supplement, one can safely reaffirm the dogma that the speed of light cannot be exceeded, it is possible and moreover, many times. Even the theory of movement in time, harmoniously builds up with this addition, and of course explains what time is. You can describe how you can completely rejuvenate and extend a person’s life, how to get cereal grains not in 3 months but in a week. and much, much, much more. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, hurricanes, all these are consequences, changes in the energy coefficient of the environment. Which makes it possible to make not a forecast, but a schedule of natural catoclysms on the entire planet. This supplement makes it possible to understand and describe what happened to our planet in the past and what awaits our planet in the future.

Sincerely, Tryapkov Andrey.