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Zombies, Dead Men and Walking Corpses

Everyone believes that zombies and the dead are one and the same. Let me highlight this situation:

1. Zombies cannot crawl out on their own. In films, it is a mistake to take on anomalies of toxic emissions that walking corpses are zombies. Zombies are corpses which have been revived for some purpose with the help of black magic (voodoo). Dead people can come out regardless of whether or not they performed a ceremony on them. Of course, without participation, for example: the release of toxic substances or the explosion of a nuclear power plant with a huge dose of radiation can cause the arrival of the dead in our world.

2. Zombies do the will of the one who revived them. The dead are uncontrollable.

3. The dead retain all mobility, because they were not resurrected by someone, therefore, they move much faster than zombies from which you can escape, but not be saved if you are a victim of a Voodoo sorcerer.

4. We are all used to the fact that zombies allegedly eat brains, that this is their favorite treat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But not zombies, not dead people do not eat brains or even humans. They only need a bite for your death (infection), of course, if there are too many dead, then by chance they will bite everything together and eat a person, but by pure chance.

5. The main goal of a zombie is to kill a person, in other words, to fulfill the will of his master. The dead only infect, increasing the number of intermediaries.

6. Of course, both zombies and the dead are corpses and the laws of nature on decomposition have not been canceled, but unlike the dead, zombies decompose as soon as they fulfill their \ "mission \". Dead people can decompose slowly, in the first years it will be imperceptible.

7. Many watched romantic films about how a zombie falls in love with a person. This is actually impossible. By the time the corpse emerges from the earth, its nervous system, like the brain, is no longer capable of any feelings. Therefore, zombies and the dead are insensitive no matter how hard it sounds.

Perhaps someday the dead will inhabit our land (NOT ZOMBIES), but the whole fault is that we do not monitor our ecology. Take care of our planet.