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Cemetery of fear
Ghosts Ghosts Poltergeist.

Hello dear readers! My name is Vanya, I am 12. I live in the city, as I study at a school, which is 50 meters from my city. Meanwhile, I periodically travel to a village quite short from our city with friends and ancestors. The story that I will tell you is not at all terrible, but this story will make you think about the existence of the living dead. So let's start our story.

It was a nice bright and warm day. Like every single day I went to school. There were few lessons that day. Therefore, I came from school at 11:00. I remember exactly how when I was spinning from school, I automatically, like every day, looked at my watch. From the kitchen came the pleasant smell of fried chicken. When I clicked into the kitchen I was very surprised. There was no one in the kitchen, and certainly nothing was being prepared. After I went to the toilet. Satisfying the natural need, I went to inspect the apartment. Everything was as usual: there was nobody at home, so I was waiting for a meeting with the computer. I didn’t play for a long time, as the telephone call interrupted our meeting. I replied. Mom was on the line. She said that I was going to the village. Answering my mother, I called Katie, Marina, Roma and Yegor. They are my best friends. They all came with things and we got on my father’s bus.

Half an hour later we were already there. Only the place was a strange cemetery. I asked why we are here. Mom answered me that the parent's day will soon be in trouble, and then I have to get away. Since I had a big company, we set to work together. Three chayamas are definitely finished. I started calling dad to pick us up. The bus on which we arrived his worker he works on it. The answer was "I can now arrive far from the village in an hour" an hour. I agreed as there was no choice. She told us about this mother again. The job was easy: smooth out the candy district graves. We broke in pairs. But Yegor had to go alone. There was still silence in the cemetery and we knew for sure that there were no one in this place besides us. We quietly walked around the cemetery and laid candy on the graves. I don’t know what happened with Yegor, Katya and Roma. We had boredom. Probably the floor of the cemetery had already passed when they met Katya and Roma. Ma decided to make sweets together. In fairness, I must say that Roma behaved as if he had come to the circus: then he would laugh at the photo of the deceased, then he would dance on the old monument.

The events that I will tell you can be false, because after them I ended up in the hospital.

We walked around one grave after another. And this moment. In the distance, a figure of a man appeared. She was a little distorted. Roma again uttered another joke like "They're coming for you Katyushka." The hot-tempered character Katie himself called for a slap in the face. This sound was definitely heard by that person. He turned around and then we saw his face. It was so ugly: one of the eyes fell out and somewhere disappeared, one of the parts of the face was already left without skin. In my head so many thoughts swirled Tipo: cannibal, maniac and others. I walked closer, deciding that it was someone's joke. But while he was going, he fell into a hole where in the future the coffin should have laid. He already lay there, he was quite old. I fainted.

Further the story will go from the lips of my friend Katya.

"You fell into the pit, and Roma quickly ran to her and got you from there. It was approaching us. I wanted to take Marina by the hand, but she was not there. I ran after her. But I stumbled over the coffin, about the open coffin. I was very afraid and pulled the coffin lid on myself. It wasn’t scary until I rolled over on my side. I saw a cracked body. Trying to open the coffin I started to cry .... " I can’t tell you the whole story until I remember. But I know that at that moment there was something else, something strange.