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Sinister shop
Devil. Demons. Devils

Hello! My name is Marina, I'm 22 years old, I'm a student. I want to share a story, the events of which I saw with my own eyes.

We have a flat for the third year. Last spring, he picked up a kitten on the street - a mixture of Siamese with some other breed. He dragged him into the house and decided to leave. We left it, washed, cured, became very beautiful. By itself, a good-natured, positive cat, has never offended or scratched anyone. In general, a sweet creature. At this time, he lives with us for about a year. And yesterday there was an interesting situation. Our apartment is located on the second floor just above the small convenience store. Sometimes, when we take a cat to go outside, we first go there with it to buy something. And today it’s the same - before walking, we again went to this store. Kesha (this is the name of the cat) began to scream wildly, to escape, even to the blood he scratched my hands. Then he jumped off and straight to the door. Paws trying to open it and continues to scream. I thought he wanted to walk so much. Okay.

We bought what we wanted, walked with the cat for half an hour, then into his arms and home. After that, after a couple of hours I remember this brutal behavior of a cat and suddenly I realize that this is not the first time. I began to dig in my head, to remember. And then it dawned on me - Kesha never breaks out of hands, wherever we are: in the house, on the street, in the stairwell, at a party, even in other stores, it happened. But when we go with him to this store, which is located under our apartment, he is literally going crazy. At each visit there he is ready to get out of his own skin, but by all means leave the room. The aura in it is apparently very dark. And it's true: sellers change too often there, for more than two months no one has ever lasted - they quit, or they were fired. I even remembered the case - when I had a man with a cat in her arms, he entered this store. So she, too, struggled to leave him. And just once I watched how my neighbor's hefty mastiff rested frightened at the door above, ignoring the commands, and completely refusing to enter with the owner.

Now I sit and think - if I do not move away from this store? I just had a terrible thought - usually, many things that are inexplicable in such situations are attributed to ghosts or ghosts. But my opinion is more terrible - as if there is something demonic there, that even dogs, which, unlike cats, cannot always feel a negative aura, are afraid to step on the threshold. I always believed in the existence of the other world and in the demons themselves, but, remembering this all today, now scared to death and really want to quickly buy an icon in the house, a crucifix and a cross on my neck. I have been baptized since I was 14, but unfortunately the old cross has long been lost. Yeah ... When you see such strange phenomena, you involuntarily begin to think about something mystical ...